Empower your design process

Design beautiful, accessible and efficient user interfaces through continuous feedback.

Attention Map

Attention Maps are the perfect replacement for Eye Tracking studies and five seconds tests.

You will understand which parts of your design are the most and the least engaging, instantly. A colored overlay will appear right above your design frame.

Areas of Interest

Areas of Interest (AOI) measure the user's attention in critical areas of your design.

The definition of these areas enable the quantification of attention and make easier the decision making process.

Highly recommended while running multiple AB tests with variants of your desing.

Clarity Score

The user judges a website's credibility in as little as 3.42 seconds, based on appearance alone.

The Clarity Score evaluates how clear and aesthetically appealing your design is. It is generated based on large-scale studies with thousands of testers from across the globe.

It's the perfect substitute for a quick Preference Test.

Clarity Maps

Clarity Maps pinpoint you which areas of your design are cluttered. By analyzing the map, you will increase the Clarity score and generate some quick wins

You may use Clarity Maps as a diagnostic tool for removing redundant information.


Structure and organize your work by creating projects for your predictions.

With Projects, sharing your work is one click away. Validate your design decisions and report to your clients, or collegues with ease.

Also, run Design Critiques smoothly with actionable feedback from your collegues, backed by science.