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Some of the world’s brightest design teams use VisualEyes already.


Professional design insights in a click.

Input Design

Use VisualEyes plugin to upload your designs to our platform with 1 click.

AI Algorithms

Our AI algorithms predict the attention of users based on more than 20,000 images with eye tracking data, from our own proprietary and public datasets.

Instant Results

You will get deep insights without leaving your favourite design tool in a few seconds. Your couple of days researching compressed in a single click. Isn't that a reason to celebrate?


Embrace your design process!

Eye-tracking has a long history. From hardware to software, to SaaS. Now design screens in a project are infinite, iterations are becoming faster, and there is no time in design teams to validate their pixels every time with eye-tracking sessions.

This is why we create predictive design models, showing you where your users will look at your designs in a fraction of a second.

Available plugins:

SketchFigmaAdobe XD

How VisualEyes empowers design process

Instant Feedback

Find out which areas are going to get seen a priori. We provide you the proper data to enrich your designs and communicate your story to your stakeholders the right way.


Our algorithms have reached 84% accuracy (measured by Pearson's cross-correlation metric). All of our eye tracking data contain insights on how humans look at the websites for the first seconds of their visits.

Distraction Free

We hate to leave our tools when we are in a flow working with no distractions. That's why we made our plugin a part of your design tool. Get your data with one click.

Rapid A/B Testing

Iterate fast and get data in every single click of your design iterations. No need to wait for days to get your results or export your screens a thousand times.


Your data are safe with our tool. There is no risk of design leaks. We send your images encrypted to our servers, analyse them and immediately discard them. You can learn more in our Security page.

Client Reporting

Attention maps are a great way to validate your assumptions and scientifically prove your design decisions.

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Bring science to your daily design life and speed up your workflow.


The future of VisualEyes is shaping by the help of designers like you


Attention Maps


Design user interfaces that will convert. With Attention Maps you will have the opportunity to go one step further from intuition and design with data on sight.


Areas of Interest


By defining Areas of Interest (AOI) you will be able to quantify how much attention an element will get. No more guesswork and HiPPO effect in the office.


Clarity Score


Measure how users evaluate your designs. A good design is correlated with lower Bounce Rate, higher conversions, and the Aesthetic Usability effect.


Scroll Maps


Collect a Scroll Map that visually shows how far users scroll down a page and help you find out where you’re losing visitor attention.


Custom Demographics


Predict the clarity score of your design based on custom demographics around the world. Make decision based on personalised predictions correlated to your real customers.


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