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Attention Map

The Attention Maps show you how much time potential users will spend on your pages. It shows what parts of the page are most and least actively engaged by using a colored overlay.


Areas of Interest

The Areas of Interest or AOI are rectangular zones inside your artwork with critical elements inside them.

By defining these areas, you get back useful statistics related to them. Therefore, designers are able to quantify the Attentions Map's results and eliminate roughly assumptions.


Clarity Score

Clarity Score is an instant design metric evaluating how clear and appealing your design is. It is based on large-scale studies with thousands of human raters across the globe, and can have a value from 0 to 100.


Clarity Maps

Clarity Maps are showing you which areas of our design have a negative or a positive contribution to your Clarity Score. Areas highlighted in red are contributing to clutter.

If you want to improve clarity score on a specific design, this map will help you pinpoint which pixels could be removed or modified to generate some quick wins.

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Feedback-Driven Design

Validate your design assumption by bringing VisualEyes technology in your daily design process.