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Τeams in the world's biggest brands are using VisualEyes

Here's how VisualEyes works

Attention Map

Clarity Score

Areas of Interest

Attention Maps are the perfect replacement for Five seconds tests and Eye Tracking studies.

Preview of attention metric

UX Designers

Research Insights with one click

Replace time-consuming Eye Tracking studies with Attention Heatmaps and preference testing with our Clarity Score. VisualEyes makes it easy to generate user insights with the touch of a button. Oh, and all that within your favourite design tools.

Available plugins:

SketchFigmaAdobe XD

Product Managers

Better designs mean higher KPIs

Building the right digital product is not easy. Increase your KPIs and your developers’ productivity by testing designs before every release. Fewer iterations mean more love from your team and your users.


Digital Marketers

Spend your campaign money more efficiently

VisualEyes will help you thrive in the attention economy. In the never-ending fight for customers' attention, be sure to use data to stand out from your competitors and increase the performance of each of your campaigns.

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Faster and cheaper user testing

Save time and money by ensuring your design is effective and clear. Use data to reduce back and forth with your clients and establish better communication.

Digital Agencies

Happy clients and more leads

Build products your clients love. Attract leads by using examples of how their current designs could be improved. Show your clients your efficiency in screen design.


Invest in design and grow faster

Companies actively investing in design, increase their revenues and shareholder returns at nearly twice the rate of their industry counterparts.

What can you do with VisualEyes?

Test your new product

A/B test your designs

Conduct rapid preference tests

Validate your assumptions

Understand what users are looking at

Reduce clutter in your designs